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A virtual, dedicated and scalable HR team ready to

Welcome to the new world of the chief human resource officer (CHRO).

We’re entering an era of competition of "intangible assets" - people, knowledge, relationships, an intellectual property. The right talent is of critical importance. Can you articulate how your company will navigate this dynamic talent market and find the most reliable path to growth?

That's why we're here. To help you step up to the challenges of the new world of work.

You get a dedicated CHRO supported by an experienced and scalable HR team, ready on-demand to handle anything from complex strategic HR matters to employee relations.

Strategic Planning

Today's HR plays a vital in achieving corporate objectives. It is much more than a personnel department.

Total Rewards

A comprehensive approach to attract, motivate, retain and engage employees (compensation, benefits and more).

Performance Feedback Programs

Ongoing communication between managers and employees regarding job performance is a critical component of success.

Training & Development

Training employees for their current jobs and developing skills for their future roles and responsibilities.

HR Business Puzzles

Solving HR issues before/when they arise to keep your team focused on important business objectives.

Program Development

Connecting your strategies, policies and activities in a continually improving HR system.

Recruitment Metrics

INDUSTRY average fill rate
INDUSTRY failure rate
*First 3 months
KEYNOTE fill rate
KEYNOTE failure rate
*First 3 months
Strategy Find the right person Results

Our Approach

More businesses today are hiring Virtual CFO's to get access to an experienced financial professional at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. While newer in concept, hiring a virtual HR team offers the same benefits, with different services being provided depending on the unique needs of each business.

For growth orientated startups to small and mid sized companies.

On demand HR is perfect for smaller, fast-growing businesses and or large companies who need to temporarily scale their HR capacity for recruitment, training and other change management projects.

Integrated HR Services

Your dedicated CHRO and HR team is familiar with your company’s strategy, culture, processes, goals and performance metrics and can enlist other, specialized HR supports for different projects and tasks.

Casual, Virtual and On Demand

A flexible offering to meet the needs of your scaling business, work with our team to determine whether you require a casual, virtual or on-demand HR team.

We're here to help.

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You get a team, not just one person.

When you hire a full-time executive / HR leader, you make use of the knowledge of a single professional. With us you get a team of HR professionals, each with their own unique set of strengths, skills and expertise.

Experience and Agility

CHRO with broad range of experience to shape the talent strategy and architecture, aligned with business objectives.

Integrated and Scalable Services

Efficient and timely service that can scale up to meet any demands while eliminating the need to maintain a large, full time HR team.

Cost Effective

Fractional CHRO / HR services and support based on your current business needs and objectives.

Experience and Agility Integrated and Scalable Services Cost Effective