KHR Services

Our CHRO and talented team of Human Resources professionals are always engaged with your strategies and objectives, but as your on-demand HR partner you don't have the overhead of maintaining a full HR team full time.


Strategy Strategy

CHRO's today need to contribute to the vision, branding and overall strategy of the business. That means shaping the talent strategy and architecture to align with transformational business objectives. That means finding ways to deal with today's “table stakes” while delivering on the broader demands of CEOs and boards.

Services Include

  • Build a strategic human resources function from the ground up
  • Raise your employer profile/industry status and accelerate your hiring practices by developing seamless recruitment, selection and sourcing strategies to keep up with the demands of hiring top global talent
  • Develop new innovative HR programs such as New Hire Onboarding and Performance Feedback Programs
  • Review and recommend the industry's latest HR tools: from social media, job boards and tools such as Applicant Tracking System(s)
  • Strategic and workforce planning and budget preparations for the HR department


It's time for a fresh understanding of talent. CHRO's need to find the most reliable path to growth, to design a plan for attracting the right talent, not some generic, transactional concept of recruiting top talent.

Recruitment needs to be tied into your vision and brand. This crossover between marketing and recruitment is imperative when a prospective employee weighs two competing offers based not only on salary, health benefits, and location, but on their sense of affinity to the brand, passion for the product, and respect for their future co-workers.

  • Design, communicate and improve the key attributes that attract potential employees to your business.
  • Review and renew your Career amd page and help you increase your presence on sites like LinkedIn
  • Provide training and coaching to your leaders with respect to all areas of HR and respect in the workplace
  • Built a high potential program that focuses on promoting from within and succession management
  • Proactively pursue diversification of your talent base
Talent Talent


Performance Performance

Companies today need to deliver more and more value to the marketplace with limited internal resources. "Do more with less" has to be more that a consultant's pitch if you're going to remain competitive.

This means building performance feedback programs, exploring relationships with relevant talent outside your business, finding new ways to learn faster and achieve ever higher levels of performance.

  • Review and renew your Compensation Strategies and Total Rewards Programs
  • Help you establish a successful coop, intern and/or scholarships program with local, national and/or international Colleges and Universities
  • Facilitate your annual Employee Engagement survey and assist you in gaining by in from your team on what's important by leading mastermind groups
  • Develop a forum to identify and drive best practices and consult with clients on HR matters including performance management, organizational development and the emerging workforce, etc.
  • Strengthen your culture and improve employee morale by enhancing your corporate communications strategy with innovative ideas and practical tools.
  • How to develop, capture and present real time HR analytics and metrics